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KPHS Professional Innovations Program Thanks Norfolk County Teachers Association for Grant

Superintendent Paul Zinni and English teacher Sean Skenyon, on behalf of King Philip Regional High School’s Professional Innovative Program, would like to thank the Norfolk County Teachers Association for its generous grant.
The Norfolk County Teachers Association awarded King Philip’s Professional Innovations Program Seminar class a $300 grant. The grant was used to fund professional organization materials, including leather portfolios, for students to use when creating resumes and cover letters as they seek post-high school employment.
“On behalf of our class and its students, we would like to sincerely thank the Norfolk County Teachers Association for supporting our students in preparing to seek employment or technical training in their post-graduation endeavors,” Skenyon said.
King Philip’s Professional Innovations Program Seminar class is a senior English class for students who are career bound rather than college bound that helps to prepare students with the necessary skills for post-secondary employment. Within the class, students learn the state standards for writing, reading and speaking with a focus on the professional field each student intends to enter.
As part of the class curriculum, students are also provided models of resumes and inventory sheets to gather information on their work experience and interests. After creating their own resume, students are provided with guided instruction on the content of a cover letter and construct their own letter to a potential employer in their field.
“As educators, it’s our job to prepare our students for whatever path they choose to take upon graduation,” Superintendent Zinni said. “In our Professional Innovations Program Seminar class, our students become equipped with the necessary tools they need to succeed. Thanks to the help of the Norfolk County Teachers Association, our students now have a professional portfolio to bring with them to interviews.”
King Philip Regional High School applied for the grant in the 2019-2020 school year, but due to the ongoing pandemic were not able to use the funds to purchase materials until this school year.