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Building Resilient Communities through Mental Health Education and Awareness

Mental Health Collaborative (MHC) is a local non-profit organization with an important message for communities: mental illness is treatable and nobody needs to suffer in silence. 

MHC’s mission is to build informed, resilient communities through education and awareness. We are dedicated to ending stigma and improving mental health literacy across communities by moving away from a crisis-based response and toward prevention through education and awareness. 

To carry out our mission, we customize and deliver our mental health curricula to school systems who in turn train middle school and high school students in the essentials of mental health. We also run parent and community training programs led by licensed clinicians. All of our programs can be delivered virtually or in person. 

By taking a community-wide approach, MHC helps to decrease stigma and open the door to conversations about mental health and mental illness. The past 18 months have been challenging for families and businesses and our resources are being stretched. We are looking for support from individuals and businesses to help further our mission. Please consider helping us during this season of giving. 

For more information about our community resources and programs, visit our website at: or contact Abbie Rosenberg at: [email protected].