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Dogs Now Prohibited from Norfolk’s Playing Fields

 Effective immediately, dogs are prohibited on or at Norfolk’s playing fields at any time under the jurisdiction of the Norfolk Recreation Commission. This includes the fields at the Freeman-Kennedy School and the Pond Street Recreation Complex. Dogs are already prohibited on playgrounds. 

Dogs on a leash will be permitted on the walking track that encircles the fields at the Pond Street Recreation Complex.

This decision was made after an incident was reported to the Recreation Commission by Norfolk Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen, involving a young child who was harmed by a dog on Norfolk’s playing fields. 

After lengthy discussion by the Recreation Commission, along with input from Animal Control Officer Cohen and other towns, the Commission agreed that the decision to prohibit dogs comes down to protecting the health and safety of all residents and field users, especially the children who are most vulnerable. This decision was made while recognizing that many conscientious dog owners obey the rules.

Violations are ticketable offenses with fines up to $100 and will be enforced.