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Eco-Warriors and Bird Club Partner Together to Help Clean up Wrentham State Forest

KP’s Eco-Warriors and the Bird Club at the Wrentham State Forest on Sunday, Nov. 7. (Photo courtesy King Philip Regional School District)

King Philip Regional High School’s Eco-Warriors and Bird Club partnered together to help clean up the Wrentham State Forest on November 7.

A total of 21 members from the Eco-Warriors and Bird Club visited the Wrentham State Forest alongside club chaperones to help clean up litter and garbage in the area.

At the forest, the students split up into smaller groups to cover more area and trails. As they hiked the trails, students equipped with gloves and trash bags picked up as much garbage as they could. One group of students cleaned up the area near the edge of the highway and the other group hiked deep in the woods. At the end of the day, all trash was compiled and properly disposed of.

“We were able to gather several full bags of trash at the Wrentham State Forest this past weekend,” Bird Club advisor Nicholas Glabicky said. “Next time you decide to walk through the woods there and enjoy the birds’ sounds, just know our own student body helped make it pristine.”

This clean-up effort was the first time the two clubs have worked together and the first time either club has visited the Wrentham State Forest to clean up trash.

The King Philip Regional High School Bird Club was created eight years ago by club advisor Glabicky. The club goes on local trips on the weekends about two times a month to observe and record bird sightings. The Eco-Warriors is a club aimed at raising awareness of the environment and advocating for its protection and care. Students in the club participate in clean-ups at conservation areas and forests as well as assist with a school-wide recycling program and campus clean-ups.

“This was our first activity with the Bird Club but we are planning future events since this outing was such a success and there is an overlap of membership to each of the clubs,” Eco Warrior’s advisor Gretchen Pickart said.