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Volunteers Tackle Wrentham Cemetery Restoration Project

“Cemeteries are the archives of a community’s heritage, preserving its legacy for generations to come.” 

On Saturday, June 8, a group of volunteers engaged in a cemetery restoration project in Wrentham center, with the goal of cleaning hundreds of gravestones in the historical cemetery.
The volunteers were equipped with water bottles filled with a D2 microbial agent that helps to gently and safely remove biological growth from the stones. Over time, lichen or moss can cover the surface of a stone, which eventually causes it to decay, and makes reading the stone difficult. If left unmaintained, the lettering can become worn to the point where it’s no longer readable. 
Major results will be noticed on most gravestones in three months. The larger monuments can withstand power washing with the solution, and the results are immediate and impressive.  
The restoration project also includes the professional repair of more than ten historical gravestones that have become damaged, cracked or broken. Tribute in Stone will complete the repairs on the identified stones.
This project was funded by the 350th Anniversary Committee, and was jointly organized by 350th Committee member Karen Becker, Ray Rose of the DPW, and Lisa Munn of the Wrentham Lion’s Club.
Phil Costanzo donated over ten gallons of the D2 microbial agent solution used to clean the stones.
The community project was selected and funded by the Wrentham 350 Committee. The Committee was honored to help preserve the final resting place for residents instrumental in Wrentham’s early history. 
Project organizers would like to make this an annual activity for the town.