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Living in a Material World: The Fabric of Wrentham Lives

How are Lady Gaga, the Rice Complex and mesh purses connected? What secret message was a woman communicating when she held a hand fan to her chin? Which three houses in Wrentham were built from straw?
A new exhibit at the Old Fiske Museum in Wrentham answers these questions and showcases the fabric of Wrentham lives over the last three centuries. The free exhibit is open from 1 to 4 p.m. on the following dates this summer:
• Saturday, June 1 (Arts on the Common)
• Sunday, June 2
• Sunday, June 16
• Sunday, June 30
• Sunday, July 7
• Sunday, August 4
The Old Fiske Museum is located at 55 East St. Additional exhibition dates will be announced in the fall.
About the Exhibit
The Wrentham Historical Commission holds an archive of Wrentham artifacts, including clothing and other textiles featured in the exhibit. More than twenty clothed mannequins and a loom form the centerpieces of the show. Curated by Wrentham’s Cultural Council and Historical Commission, this exhibit investigates how people living in Wrentham obtained materials and created fabrics and clothing. It highlights fashion trends and what people in Wrentham wore, and how and where they wore it. From uniforms to swimsuits to wedding gowns to accessories, this collection tells the story of daily life in Wrentham. 
The Old Fiske Museum is jointly assigned to the Wrentham Cultural Council (WCC) and the Wrentham Historical Commission (WHC). Each group has their own mission. The Historical Commission is primarily focused on collecting and preserving town history. The Cultural Council’s primary focus is administering state grants for arts and humanities-related programs.
This year, our groups have decided to form a Museum Council sub-group that will focus on the functional operation of the museum. The Museum Council will consist of representatives from both the WCC and WHC and members at large who are interested in curating exhibits and events, and have time, energy, and talent to contribute. If you have an interest and would like to contribute, or for further exhibit information, contact us at [email protected]