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KPHS DECA Attends MA DECA Career Development Conference

From left, students Lindsey Field, Aidan Shaughnessy, Violet Berthiaume and Audrina Jaber celebrate a successful run during the Massachusetts DECA Career Development Conference. (Photo Courtesy King Philip Regional Public Schools)

Members of the King Philip Regional DECA chapter of Massachusetts DECA joined 3,800 high school business, finance, hospitality, and marketing students at the annual association career development conference held on Thursday, March 7 in Boston. 
During the conference, more than 200 business professionals evaluated the members’ performances in the format of role-plays, case studies, and prepared presentations. 
The following students received recognition of individual ability and achievement at the association-level and will advance to international-level competition at the DECA International Career Development Conference:
• Kendall Noonan and Ryan Love - Business Services Operations Research BOR 
• Jacob Schmier and Dylan Spak - Business Services Operations Research BOR 

• Lindsey Field - Buying and Merchandising Operations Research BMOR
• Audrina Jaber, Aidan Shaughnessy, and Violet Berthiaume - Buying and Merchandising Operations Research BMOR
• Ryan Brown and Chris Delvecchio - Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research HTOR
• Thomas Lufty, Eric Miles, and Michael Flaherty - Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research HTOR 
• James Dow and Owen Collins - Sports and Entertainment Operations Research SEOR
• Kate O’Neil, Marisa Hughes, and Caitlin Thompson - Community Giving PMCG 
• Bethany Evans, Shelby Konosky, and Ugo Ezemma - Community Giving PMCG
• Louis Bourque and Nora Tobichuk - Career Development PMCD 
• Halle Miller - Business Solutions PMBS
• Eve Rose and Lucia Harmon - Sales Project PMSP 
• Gavin Hickey and Caitlin O’Brien - Financial Literacy PMFL
• Ty DeCarteret - Innovation Plan EIP
• Jett Tucker and Jack Haltom - Start-Up Business ESB
• Beckett James and Evan Allen - Start-Up Business ESB
• Bridget Swezey - Start-Up Business ESB
• Ananya Boominathan and Zunairah Syeda - Independent Business Plan EIB

• Braedon Reilly, Ian Knott, and Anthony Fraone - Independent Business Plan EIB
• Greg Manley and Jason Lussier - International Business IBP
• James Hickey - International Business IBP
• Ethan Wolf, Hunter Wells, and Will Leclair - International Business IBP
• Luke Anderson, Ryan Taylor, and Steve Quartarone - Business Growth Plan EBG
• Keith Joseph - Franchise Business Plan EFB
• Liam McGrath, Brian Hitchen, and Cole Pitman - Franchise Business Plan EFB
• Luke Reagan, Brady Ricci, and Jake Van Hoesen - Integrated Marketing Campaign Service IMCS 
• Madison Asprelli - Integrated Marketing Campaign Service IMCS
• Addie Townsend - Integrated Marketing Campaign Service IMCS
• Jack Curran and Trevor Clyde - School-Based Enterprise SBER
The DECA International Career Development Conference will be held April 27-30 in Anaheim, CA.
As an integral part of the classroom curriculum, DECA’s industry-validated competitive events are aligned with the National Curriculum Standards in the career clusters of marketing, business management, administration, finance, hospitality, and tourism. DECA’s competitive events directly contribute to every student being college and career-ready when they graduate from high school.