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“Flip Your Own Home”

Moms Painting can update your house before you want to sell

By Jane Lebak

It’s a truism that homeowners only update their home’s appearance right before they sell.

But why wait? Melinda Currul, owner of Mom’s Painting, says, “When a seller first sees their updated kitchen, the thing I hear most often is, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’”

Caring for a home’s appearance is a vital part of maintenance. Currul says, “Your home sets the stage for your life. Clean, bright walls and cabinets make it more comfortable to live in. Why save the benefits of updated décor for the home’s next owners, when you can have us do it for you right now?”

Mom’s Painting has developed a reputation for updating wood cabinets and trim to modern white or black.

“There’s no reason to delay until you’re selling to create the home of your dreams…and then move out of it,” says Currul. “Instead, homeowners can do the work a bit at a time. We call that ‘flipping your own home.’”

In other words, a homeowner can make all the updates one normally would do to sell, but spacing them out so to avoid the financial pressures and time pressures inherent in a move. Then afterward, the homeowner gets to enjoy them.

“By flipping your own home,” says Currul, “the person who walks into the home and is delighted…is you!”

Everyone’s heard of “curb appeal,” but updating the trim gives “foyer appeal.” The instant a buyer steps into the home, the first thing they’ll encounter is clean, bright trim rather than a lot of dark, dated wood. Currul says, “In the buyer’s mind, that wooden trim represents a lot of work to be done. It casts a shadow over the way they view the house.”

It’s difficult to turn over one’s home to someone else to change its appearance, and that’s where the “moms” part of Moms Painting comes into play. Currul says, “A mom is a person who cares. We pay attention to details. We look out for your home as much as if it were our own child’s home.”

Irena Cascella is one of the Moms. She says, “A house is so much more than windows and wall. This world isn’t always a pretty place, so when you go home, you want to feel comfortable in your space.”

For cabinets and trim, Moms Painting starts on Monday and finishes on Friday. It’s such a reliable process that some homeowners have scheduled vacations during the work so they’ll return to a freshly updated kitchen.

“No one does work like ours,” says Currul. “We’ve developed a process unique to us, using an exclusive combination of products and techniques to deliver results that homeowners cannot believe.”

On Monday, the cabinets come down. The Moms will sand and degrease the wood, then apply two coats of a special bonding primer. “We had to experiment with several primers before identifying the one that goes on best and is most durable,” says Currul. “It’s not something every painting company will use.” 

Once the wood is primed, the Moms apply a self-leveling paint that ensures an even coat. They do not spray on the paint even though that would be quicker. Instead, with a mom’s eye for detail, the Moms use a specialized roller to create an even finish with no brush marks.

By Friday, all the coats are dry, and the work undergoes one final inspection before it earns the Moms’ approval.

Currul says, “We’re so proud of all the bright, beautiful homes we’ve updated. We keep our business small because that serves our customers best. Three Moms, one Dad, one part-timer, and one consultant, and that’s it. This keeps tight control over quality and standards. We all know every aspect of every project.”

Currul adds, “We all take pride together in the finished look, and then you can take pride in your beautiful home.”

Are you ready to ‘flip your own home’? Find Moms Painting at and on Facebook at Or you can call 617-304-6654.


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