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Cool That Internal Thermometer Naturally

Dr. Rochelle Bien & Dr. Michael Goldstein

Hot flashes are extremely common during menopause impacting up to 75% of affected women.

While not dangerous to your health, they can be extremely uncomfortable and often interfere with your quality of life, especially if they occur frequently at night interfering with sleep. Over time, this can lead to insomnia-related anxiety and depression. Most think it is a hormonal issue, but many times it is not.

Bonnie M. entered our office complaining of hot flashes, especially at night. Throughout the day, she combated her internal heat thermometer putting on and removing her cardigan sweater. Sleeping was interrupted due to sweating through her clothes. She tried many over-the-counter remedies with little or no results. Bonnie works in sales five days a week and spends a lot of her time in her car resorting to the convenient choices of fast food for her meals.

Her exam revealed that she had chemical stressors affecting her body’s ability to regulate her temperature. Bonnie was put on a detox program, including a homeopathic protocol as well as removing fast food from her diet. She also replaced may household items, such as her laundry detergent, cleaning products and personal care products with more natural alternatives.

After several weeks, Bonnie reported a significant decrease in intensity and frequency of her nightly hot flashes and sleeping through the night is becoming the norm. If you are suffering from hot flashes and are looking for relief, call Doctors Bien and Goldstein at The Holistic Center at Bristol Square, (508) 660-2722. They are located at 1426 Main St., in Walpole.


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