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Fiske Library Participating in State-Wide Reading Challenge

By Angela Weicherding-Fitton

If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to read more this year, Wrentham’s Fiske Library invites you to participate in the Massachusetts Center for the Book 2024 Reading Challenge.

The challenge works like this: Every month of the year will have a different prompt, and readers can choose a book that fits that prompt. They then read the book and fill out a form to log the book and enter into a drawing to receive a free book. Year-long participants will be eligible to win a tote bag full of free books and attend a year-end celebration hosted by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.

According to library director Kim Shipala, the challenge is a great way for the Fiske to engage with the public. Shipala, who started at the Fiske last May, says this is the library’s first year as a participant in the challenge.

The challenge is open to readers of all ages. Registration is online and you can sign up whenever you’d like.

“This challenge is for everybody,” states Shipala. “It’s especially important for adults who don’t get to read as much as they’d like, or who are in a reading slump. It’s a way for them to try something new.”

Shipala notes that the Fiske Library is using the challenge as an opportunity to expand on its offerings for the public, and has added reading materials by more authors and in more genres to its inventory. 

Here are the 2024 Reading Challenge themes by month:

• January: Read a book you read years ago that you may feel differently about now.

• February: Choose a book with a color in the title.

• March: Find a book whose protagonist has a different culture or lifestyle from you.

• April: Read a book about nature, the environment or climate change.

• May: Choose a graphic novel in which you’re interested.

• June: Delve into a book that inspired a film or television series.

• July: Read a book by an author born outside the United States.

• August: Choose to read a book with a title that starts with the same letter as your birthday month.

• September: Check out a debut book by a Massachusetts author.

• October: Read a book about a time in history you’d like to know more about.

• November: Chill with a relaxing, soul-soothing book.

• December: Check out a well-reviewed book in your least favorite genre.

Shipala reminds residents that in addition to the reading challenge, the Fiske Library holds a monthly book club for adults 18 and over. For the month of February, to match the reading challenge requirements, the book club is reading “The Color Purple.”  The next meeting of the book club is on February 27 at 7 p.m. No registration is required.

For more information about the reading challenge at the Fiske, visit or