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Wrentham Police Officers Swear-In and Promotion Ceremony Held

From left: Selectwoman Michelle Rouse, Selectman Joseph Botaish, Sgt. Eaton, Sgt. Cassidy, Selectman Jim Anderson and Selectman Bill Harrington at Thursday night’s ceremony. (Photo courtesy Wrentham Police)

On Thursday, July 13, colleagues, family, and friends gathered at a formal swearing-in ceremony at the Wrentham Police Department for the department’s new officers and for the promotion of two veteran officers to the rank of sergeant.

“I would like to congratulate all four Wrentham Police Department members who were recognized,” Chief Bill McGrath said. “Their colleagues, friends and family are rightfully proud of their accomplishments and, in the end, the residents of Wrentham and those who visit here will benefit from their service.”

Sgt. Eaton, left, and Sgt. Cassidy swearing into their new position as sergeants. (Town of Wrentham)


During the ceremony, Officer Kristine Crosman and Officer Brandon Perella, both of whom transferred to the Wrentham Police Department within the last year, were officially recognized and pinned by family members.

Officer Crosman joined Wrentham Police from the North Attleboro Police Department and Officer Perella joined from the Bellingham Police Department. Both bring with them a wealth of training, experience and -- equally as important -- great personalities that fit well into the Wrentham community.

Officer Derick Cassidy and Officer Steve Eaton were also promoted to the rank of sergeant during the ceremony. Officers Cassidy and Eaton participated in a competitive promotional assessment center last year and did a fantastic job positioning themselves among the top candidates.

Sgt. Derick Cassidy

Sgt. Cassidy has been a member of the Wrentham Police Department for approximately 12 years. Previously, he served as a Permanent Intermittent (part-time) officer with the Plainville Police Department.

Sgt. Cassidy has been an outstanding patrol officer during his time with Wrentham Police and went on to serve as the department’s D.A.R.E. Officer after Sgt. Jeff Smith retired. In this role, he quickly earned the trust and friendship of students and staff alike. Unofficially and self-assigned, Sgt. Cassidy also served as a liaison to the autism community. With a deep personal connection to this role, he’s handled many situations involving people with autism with a level of compassion and care that simply cannot be taught in a classroom.

In his new role, Sgt. Cassidy will serve in an administrative role as he takes on the duties and responsibilities of his new rank.

Sgt. Steve Eaton

Sgt. Eaton began his career with the Walpole Police Department and transferred to Wrentham approximately eight years ago. Prior to becoming a police officer, he honorably served in the United States Army where he received several decorations for his participation in the Gulf War.

As a long-time Wrentham resident, Sgt. Eaton is heavily involved in the community, having raised his family in Wrentham and coached his kids in sports. This deep connection to the community allowed for Sgt. Eaton to seamlessly transition to the department, and since then he has been an integral member of the Wrentham Police Department.

Up until now, Sgt. Eaton has worked the midnight to 8 p.m. graveyard shift, however, in his new role he will be working the 4 p.m. to midnight shift, which will allow him the ability to interact with the public more.

“It’s a privilege to officially have the opportunity to welcome our newest officers, Officers Crosman and Perella, to the department, and to recognize the well-deserved promotions of Sgt. Cassidy and Sgt. Eaton,” Town Administrator Kevin Sweet said. “On behalf of the Town of Wrentham, I would like to commend these officers for their dedication to our police department and the Wrentham community.”