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Rep. Vaughn Addresses Wampum Corner Intersection in Wrentham

Submitted by the Office of Rep. Marcus Vaughn
Over the past few years, it has become clear to many that the Wampum Corner Intersection (Rte. 121 and Rte. 1A) in Wrentham is accident-prone and in need of some change. Representative Vaughn has been contacted by many constituents in the area, most prominently Wampum Corner Wine and Liquors, which has had several accidents take place on the property.  
After hearing his constituents’ concerns, Representative Vaughn acted immediately to reach out to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to see what can be done to improve public safety at the intersection. As a result of his advocacy, Representative Vaughn was able to work with the DOT to formulate a design plan which should help to lessen the danger this intersection poses to drivers and the businesses nearby. 
This plan includes the addition of a speed limit reduction sign on the southbound approach to the intersection, lane designation signs for the intersection, chevrons on the curve, and dashed pavement markings to denote the curved lanes through the intersection. The DOT should be installing these signs and painting the lines on the road in the coming weeks.  
“We are glad that we were able to get the help and cooperation of DOT on this matter of public and road safety,” Representative Vaughn said. “Their expertise and resources have been invaluable in identifying and implementing solutions that will make our community safer for everyone who uses our roads and the businesses surrounding the intersection.”
Contact the office of Representative Vaughn with any questions or concerns at (617) 722-2263 or [email protected].