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Norfolk and Wrentham Residents Running in the 2023 Boston Marathon

In just a little over two weeks, 17 local residents will join thousands of others setting off from Hopkinton to run the 26.2 miles to Boston in the 127th Boston Marathon. Runners get a bib by entering with a qualifying time or by running for a charity.
Wish these folks luck if you see them around town.
Norfolk entrants: Stephanie Burnham, 30; Erin Flanagan, 25; Jonathan Gavin, 38; Kayla Hobbs, 23; Laura Joyal, 39; Kevin Keleher, 43; Paul Kelley, 24; Kara Lightowler, 32; Timothy McDonagh, 44; and Mary O’Connor, 25.
Wrentham entrants: Andrew Briggs, 27; Mark Conley, 57; Rylie Dalzell, 25; Linda Liljeberg, 62; Natthasit Nimitsakulchai, 37; Ellen Wagner, 27; and Marc Waxman, 50.