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College Accepted Students Day

Maryline Michel Kulewicz and Tracy Sullivan of College 101 Admissions Consultants

The waiting game for many high school seniors is now over - the college admission letters have been posted and students can begin to explore their options!  Now comes the challenging part.  It is time for students to decide which college will be the right fit for them socially, academically, and financially. Attending the college’s Accepted Students Day is a great way to help with the students’ decision.  
Accepted Students Day is designed to give potential new students an opportunity to take a closer look at the school, meet students who may enroll, and learn more about the academic program and the extra-curricular offerings. The special visit programs are offered at most colleges beginning in February through the end of April and are open to all admitted students. Many colleges will also host parent information sessions during the visit program. The event dates and details are easy to locate on the college’s website.  It is necessary to pre-register and the events often fill up quickly.  Visiting the campus in-person is one of the best ways to determine if the school is the right fit for the student. Last year, I traveled with my nephew and his family to see one of his top choice colleges. On paper it was the perfect fit for him and he was convinced that he would be attending this college in the fall. When we left I asked him, “Can you see yourself here”?  He said,  “The kids look like they are having a ton of fun - just not my type of fun!”  He quickly removed the school from his list.  The social fit is just as important as the academic fit. The number one reason college students transfer is for social reasons.
A few Accepted Students Day Tips for the Students:
1. Come equipped to Accepted Students Day with your list of 4 or 5 “must haves’’ that you really want from your future college. What is important to you? Size of the school, proximity to home, residing in the middle of the city or near the mountains with a great college town, diversity, LGBTQ+ friendly,  academic interests, internships, fun weekend life, affordability, disability services, religion, and the list goes on. 
2. With your list of top considerations, begin by finding out the pluses and minuses of each school.  Take notes from each visit day and compare colleges. Location and size are key criteria that should be considered as well –is the college too far from home? Does the campus now feel too big?  It would be difficult to find a school that embodies everything you want.  Choose the college that fits your most important criteria. 
3. The tables have turned - it is the college’s turn to impress you. They will roll out the red carpet, but don’t base your decisions on the amazing marching band that wowed the crowd!  Dig deeper - attend a class, talk to financial aid, stay overnight with a student, talk to a professor in your major, eat in the dining hall, talk to students and ask what life on campus is like, drive through the local town, and ask about the safety protocol.
4. During the visit, ask yourself 3 questions : “Can I see myself thriving here academically and socially?”  “Are my “people” here?”, and  “Does this college meet my family’s financial budget?”.  You will feel much more confident with your decision.   
This is one of the final steps before the student leaves for college. It is bittersweet. But Accepted Students Days are a wonderful opportunity to help families feel good about their student’s final decision.  
Good luck and enjoy the 
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