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Guest Column Who is Watching Us?

By G. Gregory Tooker

The James Webb Space Telescope represents one of the greatest achievements of humankind’s intelligence. With the benefit of this amazing probe, the world’s astrophysicists may uncover secrets which could assist in the rescue of Planet Earth from its presently suicidal course. As we probe ever more deeply into the seemingly endless universe, however, shallow spots in our own pond of human evolution become more and more apparent.

In parallel with the unveiling of the miraculous mural of deep space, some of Earth’s least accomplished human beings have clawed their way to positions of power where they are able to threaten the planet with mass extermination. Careless monitoring of the environment and greedy utilization of the resources it provides was born of complacency on the part of those who had the capability to do far better in the selection of leadership.

Should the current weakening of democratic governments continue, Earth and its inhabitants will be at the mercy of autocrats bent on maximizing wealth and power. The immediate and long-term consequences of this behavior in the form of human suffering and environmental destruction are of little concern to these individuals.

Your writer begs your indulgence if the call to action with respect to the electoral process has gotten a bit repetitive in recent months. But there is little alternative when it comes to successfully addressing and solving the problem at hand. Those in favor of installing leadership favoring autocracy are determined and committed; they will not waver when it comes to casting their ballots. Every registered voter not willing to endure such a transition away from democracy must make his and her opinion known. In the words of the January 6 Select Committee Chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, “We settle our differences at the ballot box.” All concerned citizens must do that while the option still exists.