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Q & A with Wrentham Superintendent of Schools Dr. Allan Cameron

Dr. Allan Cameron, Superintendent of Schools for the town of Wrentham.

By Grace Allen

The new school year is underway in Wrentham, so Local Town Pages caught up with Dr. Allan Cameron, the superintendent of Wrentham Public Schools since 2014. We wanted to check in with him to learn how he thinks the 2022/2023 school year will play out.

Surely the last few years have been among the most challenging you’ve experienced in all your time in education. What do you think students will need to be successful this school year after all the disruptions they’ve faced since 2020?

We faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the hard work, creativity, and support of my colleagues, the students and their families, and members of the community, we were able to overcome those challenges and help our students learn and make connections. Fortunately, we did not have to implement many COVID-19 measures this school year. Everyone seems to enjoy the return to normalcy! 

What are your top three priorities for this upcoming school year?

My top three priorities for the upcoming year are the same as every year: 1) ensuring the safety and security of the district, 2) helping everyone learn and make social connections, and 3) finding ways for everyone to have fun in school.

What challenges do you anticipate and how do you plan to address them?

The primary challenge I anticipate for this year stems from the pandemic. Some of our students have gaps in their learning, emotional issues, or both stemming from the pandemic. Fortunately, the WPS teachers, support staff members, and administrators are outstanding professionals. They will work with all students and their families to ensure they have a successful school year.

We keep hearing about teacher and staff shortages. Is that true in Wrentham and if so, how will you recruit talent and then retain teachers?

Fortunately, we do not have a shortage of teachers or staff members. 

Anything else you’d like the community to know?

I am very thankful to the residents, business owners, and community leaders of Wrentham. They support public education and help make this a wonderful place to live, work, and learn.