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Fiske Library to Host “Ghosts and Legends” with Jeff Belanger

By Grace Allen

In case the last few years weren’t scary enough for you, the Fiske Library will be the setting for a journey through the supernatural later this month. Jeff Belanger, the popular storyteller and author, will present his program “Ghosts and Legends” on Thursday, October 20 at the Wrentham library. The multi-media event starts at 7 p.m.

Belanger is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated folklorist with a deep interest in the paranormal. He is the producer of the “New England Legends” series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and the author of numerous books. Belanger has traveled around the world in search of ghosts and other unexplained phenomena. His presentations are different every time, with a focus on local folklore and legends.

The former journalist grew up in New England, which is rich with centuries-old graveyards and historic buildings. These places, providing a direct connection to the past, are a natural setting for the prolific ghost stories that intrigued Belanger as a child and eventually led him to a career as a paranormal investigator. 

He is not alone in his fascination with things that go bump in the night, especially around Halloween. Many people are drawn to ghost stories, says Belanger.

“We’re intrigued with the afterlife because one thing all people have in common is that we’re all going to die one day, and what comes next is one of the biggest mysteries we can ponder,” he said in an email. “Ghosts and hauntings speak to a deep and primal part of the human experience. It’s unknown, so it scares us, yet we can’t look away. Seeing a ghost for yourself validates that gut feeling many of us have that there must be something more out there. Plus, being afraid makes us feel most alive.”

“Ghosts and Legends” will explore haunted locations and ghostly happenings from Belanger’s travels around the world. The program will be held in person at the Fiske. Call the library at 508-384-5440 x2 after October 3 to register.

The program is suitable for high school age and older.