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A Hidden Gem Expands its Offerings Anne’s Market feeds the community, one sandwich at a time

One of Norfolk’s hidden gems, Anne’s Market is expanding its offerings this summer. From custom sandwiches to craft beer to home-baked cookies, Anne’s Market is becoming part of the fabric of Norfolk’s community.


Christa and Todd Wiggin are the owners of Anne’s Market. “We wanted our shop to capture the spark of being in Norfolk,” says Christa. “I’ve lived in Norfolk since I was two. My husband’s family has been here since his grandmother arrived from Sweden at age seven. This community is really important to us, and buying this market is one way we can contribute to it.”
Tucked away in the residential River’s Edge neighborhood, Anne’s Market has an old-school feel. The shelves feature an eclectic mix of convenience-store items and higher-end purchases that are sure to make customers smile. From penny candy, to Howie’s Spiked Cherries, to unique doggie donut treats from a woman-owned small business, the offerings are varied and often surprising. For example, alongside the register is a display for Ella’s Yarn Barn, stuffed animals hand-crocheted by a Norfolk resident.
Christa says, “We’ve set up a gift section with mugs, canvas bags, and several other items. If someone needs a last minute present, they can stop in for a wine bottle and a wine-sized tote to deliver it.”
By and large, the most important part of Anne’s Market is the deli. Todd says, “We carry high-end Boar’s Head products, and off our everyday menu, you can order twenty-four different sandwiches.” The sandwiches range from comfortable standards like a barbecue chicken sub, to interesting and fun ones, like the turkey gobbler, with cranberry sauce and stuffing. 
Customers who aren’t sure what they want can ask for a recommendation, and the staff takes it as a challenge to match them with the perfect sub. Todd says, “We also offer rotating daily specials, and we’ll make breakfast sandwiches anytime.”
The Wiggin family is ever-present in the store. “Todd’s often behind the counter, or our daughter Dani,” says Christa. “Some of our employees have been with Anne’s Market for longer than we have, so between family and long-time friends, it’s a really friendly atmosphere.”
Christa is involved in the wider Norfolk community, as well. In addition to regular donations to community events, such as the recent Color Fun Run or Norfolk Girls Softball, Anne’s Market has helped with food donations to Gilly’s House and the Federated Church.
Anne’s Market has a thirty-year history, initially founded by Anne Brunelli of Franklin. Anne eventually moved the market to Medway, then sold it. The new owners moved to the Norfolk location in 2019, and then Christa and Todd Wiggin purchased it six months ago.
“It’s been a really exciting time, with a huge learning curve,” says Christa. “I love talking with the customers, hearing about their lives and learning what they want.”
That means stocking some local favorites. In addition to apple tarts and cookies baked right on the premises, Anne’s Market also offers My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes and Cape Cod Pizzas.
Anne’s Market does catering, too. “When people hold graduation parties or summer gatherings, they want to spend time with their guests rather than in front of a stove. We can set them up with sandwich platters, cold cut platters, trays of macaroni and cheese, and salads.”
Plans are in motion to expand the prep area so Anne’s Market can sell high-quality meat and sausage. “My day job is with Orleans Packing Company,” says Christa, “so I already have a relationship with all the best vendors. When we bought the market, I immediately reached out to them, and now they’re distributing to us.”
This summer, Anne’s will begin a reward program for their customers. “We’ll use the Clover app to make every tenth sandwich free,” says Christa. “Customers will also be able to opt-in to special offers. Maybe at the end of the day, they’re commuting home, exhausted and not wanting to cook—and up on their phone pops a notification for half off Grab-and-Go meals.”
Christa knows the welcoming atmosphere, the fun products, and the commitment to community will draw customers back again and again.
“I know it’s a little off the beaten path, but we strive for that old-school feeling,” says Christa. “I want our customers to feel like everything is family.”
To can receive daily specials and promotions, sign up with the Clover app or fill out a form in-store for email or text. Anne’s Market is located just off 115 in Norfolk, at 65 Holbrook Street.