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From First Step to Doorstep Panepinto Realty Group Guides Sellers and Buyers Every Step of the Way


“The right home can be life-changing.”
Those are the words of Kelly Panepinto, explaining why she left a rock-solid career in banking to start Panepinto Realty Group, one of Norfolk’s fastest-growing real estate groups.
In the past seven years, Panepinto Realty Group has placed over a hundred families in their perfect home. And it all started with a dream.
“Working at the bank, I loved real estate, especially the lending piece,” says Panepinto. “It was an honor to help clients achieve their goal of owning a home, but from behind my desk, I wasn’t able to take them to the finish line.”
Panepinto took a leap of faith, leaving her steady paycheck to enter the world of real estate. Her business took off because she already knew the two most vital parts of home sales: the community, and the financing.
“I love Norfolk,” Panepinto says, “I’ve lived here for the past eight years and grown to appreciate the community. I’ve been a community league president, a member of the Norfolk Lions, a Brownie troop leader, a softball coach, a KP cheer coach, and this past October, I organized a breast cancer walk. I’ve learned all the ins and outs of this community and all the neighboring towns.”
She brings this knowledge to bear when someone wants to find the perfect place to plant their family or settle down for retirement.”
The real estate relationship begins with a phone call or an email. Panepinto sets up a meeting to discuss the client’s needs and their vision for their new home or the sale of their existing home. “If we can’t meet face-to-face because of the pandemic,” Panepinto says, “I’ll talk to them over video for an hour or longer. I explain why using an agent is so important in today’s market. We’ll cover every step of the process, start to finish, from the first phone call to keys or a check in their hand.” 
Panepinto believes in creating a relationship centered around trust. “My clients and I need to be a good fit. They need to know the benefits of using my services.”
With sellers, Panepinto helps them stage their home, as well as suggesting improvements that will create value in the eyes of buyers. “My marketing strategy includes professional photos, videos, virtual tours, safe open houses, and ultimately an in-depth offer review process that helps sellers select the best of many competing offers.”
Panepinto also makes sure sellers know their next step. “I don’t want anyone to sell a house and discover they have nowhere to go. Because I’m with Re/Max, I can set them up with agents in other states—or even in other countries.” 
Buyers in the current market have their own complex set of needs. “With buyers, I’ll ask as many questions as it takes to truly understand what they want in a house, that way I can pinpoint properties matching their specifications. When they find the perfect home, we’ll assess what their offer looks like in the current market conditions, and how I can make them shine.”
Once the offer’s accepted, then she calls on her other area of knowledge. “Thanks to banking, I’m fluent in the most complicated part of the process: the financing.”
Panepinto can stay on top of the entire loan process, managing the appraisals, attorneys, and inspections. She says, “Everyone’s heard—or lived—a mortgage horror story. I don’t want that for my buyers or for my sellers.”
As her business grew, Panepinto invited some of her former colleagues onboard. “I was very selective so that my clients would get the same level of service they’d get from me. My first two employees were former co-workers who’d impressed me with their work ethic.”

That also enhanced the team’s knowledge base. “My teammates live in different parts of the state. Geographically and strategically, we can cover all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”

“We’ve sold and bought homes for sixty-four families in the last year alone,” says Panepinto. “The right house makes someone’s life better. This is the most rewarding career I can imagine, and I feel honored to be serving my community in this way.”
If you’re considering selling or buying a home, call Panepinto Realty Group at (781) 254-9489, or visit online at