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Wrentham Local Kristi Brunick Joins Pearson Wallace Insurance

Kristi Brunick has joined Pearson Wallace Insurance as Senior Account Executive.
Brunick, a resident of Wrentham, is the newest addition to the Massachusetts insurance agency. Kristi joined the team in August 2021 after a successful position with Liberty Mutual Insurance.
Originally from Upstate New York, Kristi graduated with a BS in Business Management from Ithaca College, with a minor in Music Performance.   
Kristi has worked in various roles such as Account Management, Real Estate Sales, and Insurance Sales.
Focusing on excellence in customer service and knowledge in her field has proven to be a winning combination in the world of insurance.  Helping people get the best coverage at the best price, and teaching the importance of the correct insurance is what comes naturally to her.  I love being able to offer home, umbrella, auto, business insurance, life and health with a wide array of carriers naming a few Travelers, Hartford, Quincy and Arbella.
Kristi has been part of the Wrentham community since 2012. During that time, she served on the Wrentham Elementary School Committee, Wrentham Board of Health, Wrentham Finance Committee, and ran for Town Clerk in 2016.  
Kristi used good, old-fashioned networking to find the perfect position at the company.
“I was looking for another opportunity to grow in the insurance industry so I reached out to Alex (Vice president at Pearson Wallace), who I had worked with prior, to ask him about the agency model versus a direct carrier. We had a really good conversation about it and then 15 minutes later, he called me and said come work with us and I saidOK! After interviewing with Pearson Wallace I was offered the position” she said. “I was just really excited for the opportunity to work with Alex again and the company that they started.”
Pearson Wallace Insurance has been around for four years and covers the entire state plus New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut. President Beth Pearson said she was excited when she heard about the prospect of Kristi joining the company.
“I thought she sounded like the perfect fit. And it was great to hire another woman — one who had the experience we needed,“ said Pearson. “It’s been really great to have her on board and to have her representation in the Wrentham area.
Pearson said Brunick’s experience and personality dovetail nicely with Pearson Wallace’s values.
“We go above and beyond to help our customers. Everyone has easy access to our team, always a text, email or call away. So bringing Kristi on is just a natural extension of our home and our business model. She emulates our core business values,” she said.
Her connection to the community begins at home, having lived in Wrentham for more than a decade. And she hit the ground running with her new position. She has already reached out to the town committee that is planning the 350th birthday celebration next year to see how she can help.
A great example of how having an insurance broker local to you is that Kristi goes above and beyond for her clients:
“For example, I had a policy holder who needed paperwork for the registry and he didn’t have a printer. So I printed it out and I drove it over to his house and that’s not something that you’re going to get with a large company. That’s not the kind of service that you will get,” she said.

One of her personal goals is to make sure every customer understands what they need and what they are purchasing.
“I think the thing with insurance is most people know they have it, but they don’t know exactly what they have and they don’t know that they don’t have enough until it’s too late. I really enjoy working with people in that aspect because then I know that I’m helping them protect the things that are important to them. I think that’s really what keeps me happy and motivated in this  industry—that I am legitimately helping people,” said the Wrentham resident.
Outside of work, Kristi enjoys spending time with her three children. You might also find Kristi playing guitar or piano, organizing and playing in golf tournaments, hosting neighborhood events, creating new recipes, or shuttling children to many different sporting events.  
Kristi Brunick can be reached via cell phone at: 617-840-4138; via office phone at: 413-464-9390; or via email at: kristi