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The b.LUXE beauty beat

Aug 02, 2021 11:14AM ● By Chuck Tashjian
By Gina Woelfel
As a kid, summer always seemed like such a magical time with it’s long, lazy days, beach trips and friend-filled afternoons. It was a time to kick off routines, close our school books and enjoy the sunnier side of the year. We stayed outside until dark with only the mosquitos forcing us indoors.
A summer job meant freedom and hard work, but money to save and spend. We babysat, picked vegetables, worked as clerks and mowed lawns. I watered plants in a hot, steamy greenhouse and hauled them outdoors for the customers to buy. I left work a damp and dreadful mess, but I had the money to afford my first car,  a 1971 Triumph Spitfire convertible. Top down, with the sun on my face, I’d take the long way home. That was summer to me.
We didn’t think much back then about the harmful effects of the sun or pool water or the not-so-healthy ingredients in our products.
I’m sure more than a few of us can wax nostalgic of those bygone beach days, (Nantasket was mine). Bodies slathered in baby oil and hair spritzed with Sun In, by the time the boardwalk lights flickered on, our skin was blistered and our hair was orange. All was right in the world, but what was it that made that time so special?  
For me, it was the effortlessness of it all. We didn’t have to care so much about our health and beauty routines. My red, angry skin would eventually peel to reveal a sea of freckles and I’d box-dye my hair in the fall and return to school the hot mess that I was in 1989.
Now, at 50 years old, with my “freckles” redefined as age-spots and SPF my new best friend, I miss the effortlessness of it all...Don’t you?
Let’s throw it back to that uncomplicated time and talk a bit about the three salon services we feel can streamline your beauty routine, add more free time to your day and help you get your summer groove back!

1.    Organic Spray Tanning - Go on, get your bronze on and love your healthy, sun-kissed, skin! From a pretty, all-over honey glow, to a deep, island tan, we have the perfect shade to make you look your bronzy-best. And best of all - No sun damage to your skin.
2.    Lash Lift + Tint. Oh man, where were these when I was young? Imagine waking up to lashes that already look curled and coated with a hit of mascara...all before your feet hit the floor! Not only is it possible, it’s magical and yields 6-8 weeks of beautiful, mascara-free lashes that appear thicker, darker, longer + have the va‑va‑voom factor we all crave.
3.    Waxing - Now here’s a service that’s been around the block! We’ve all endured the yearly, pre-summer bikini wax, (Ouch) but, it’s time for you to revisit this hair removal option. Hit the beach with no shaving or fuss. Wax formulas have improved immensely in the past few years and this depilatory service is galaxies apart from its predecessors. Bikini, arms, legs, or wherever you don’t want hair - wax it off!
Here’s a few August specials from b.LUXE Hair + Makeup Studio to help you enjoy the rest of your summer. We’ll see you next month with some back-to-school beauty and a September Giveaway you won’t want to miss!
Lash Lift + Tint - $75
regular price $90
Buy a Tanning Package of 2 and receive $10 OFF
Regular or Rapid
Any Body Wax Service - 10% off
(facial waxing not included)
Babe Lash Serum - $60
regular price $70

Use codeEFFORTLESS at checkout
(good August 8th - 31st)
This month’s beauty beat was written by guest contributor, Gina Woelfel