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The b.LUXE Beauty Beat Don’t Let Summer Fun Ruin Your Hair

 Can you feel it? The shift in the weather, the longer, warmer days, and that sudden urge to go for a swim! Yup...Summer’s here! 

 For many of us, summer is the time to amp up our beachy, blonde highlights or try a lighter, brighter hair color. But, sun and swimming can damage hair and turn your tresses a not so beautiful shade of green. 

Pool and well water can wreak havoc on hair color.  Most people believe that chlorine is the culprit, but that’s only part of the problem. There’s a whole gang of harsh metals turning your hair green, and copper’s the ringleader! 

Copper’s found in most swimming pools, particularly ones filled with well water. It also enters your pool from copper-based algaecides. Chlorine oxidizes the metals in the water and binds them to the protein in your hair shaft. With oxidation, copper turns a soft shade of green called a patina. While we love that hue on the Statue of Liberty, it’s far less flattering on your blonde hair. 

So, saltwater pools are safe, right?  Nope.  Unfortunately, they’re all the same.  Instead of manually adding chlorine to balance the pH, salt is added to the pool water, where it runs through an electrically charged generator, converting the salt to chlorine. Your local pool store offers test strips to check your water’s metal levels. They can also recommend alternative treatments, metal removers and filters that will keep your copper levels in check.

Here’s a few tips for keeping your hair summer sensational. 

1. Wet and protect your hair

Wetting your hair down before you swim is key.  Hair is porous and when dry,  absorbs the minerals and chemicals from your pool.  This is where a little hair prep goes a long way. Use filtered or bottled water to wet down hair and comb through a leave-in conditioner like Kevin Murphy’s Staying Alive Treatment. This will seal your hair and protect it from sun and water damage. 

2. Try a swim cap

Yeah, we know, they’re not exactly poolside chic, but, if you’re a regular swimmer with color treated hair, they’re the way to go. They’ll protect and hold your hair in place while you get your laps in.  

3. Stop using copper-based algaecides

Some pool algaecides contain copper and yes, they do work, but they could also be turning your hair green. Look for metallic-free algaecides or pay close attention to your chlorine levels and don’t use algaecides at all.

4. Start with healthy hair

The better condition your hair is in, the less likely it is to turn green. Your hair is vulnerable when dry or damaged. Regular conditioning treatments will help repair and seal your hair’s cuticle to stop green absorption. We recommend Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Deep Conditioning Masque. 

5. Wash your hair

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as you’re done swimming and once every two weeks, we recommend using Kevin Murphy Maxi-Wash, a detoxifying shampoo that removes unwanted build-up and preps your hair to better absorb conditioner.

6. How to fix green hair

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, green hair happens and a trip to the salon is necessary.  To rectify those mossy locks, you’ll need a demineralizing treatment to draw out hard-to-budge deposits and a glaze to restore and protect shine and lustre. 

With a little prep and care, your color can stay soft, vibrant and most importantly, green-free all summer long!


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