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Keep the Music Playing, One Nickel at a Time

Save Those Bottles and Cans and Help the KPMA
The King Philip Music Association bottle and can fundraiser is up and running!
In the spring of 2020, the program was suspended due to the pandemic but is now in full swing. The KPMA group can accept all kinds of redeemable cans and bottles at one of three locations: KP High School redemption shed, Norfolk Transfer Station (in the giant “boom box”), and at the redemption shed located in the parking lot of the Wood School in Plainville.
Items should be bagged and free from household trash.  If you have the original boxes or 6-pack holders that your glass bottles came in, those are appreciated as well.
For many years, the bottle and can fundraiser has been essential in supporting the various music programs and ensembles at King Philip Regional High School, KP Middle School and the tri-town elementary schools. The program brings in $14,000 a year and is completely volunteer-run thanks to many KP Music families.
KPMA is grateful for the community’s continuing support. For more information, please visit