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The b.LUXE Beauty Beat



Hello and welcome to the b.LUXE Beauty Beat, a new monthly column covering all things beauty!
We’ll share new hair trends, makeup tips, skincare advice, and our must-have products of the moment.
For many of us, 2020 was the year we stayed home, the year we worked from our kitchen tables and forgot what it felt like to wear pants with buttons.
Self-care in 2020 was a challenge. With our salons, spas and gyms closed, many of us were left to navigate a home health and beauty routine that wasn’t always healthy or beautiful. 
But those months in quarantine certainly showed us that we’re stronger and more resilient than we ever imagined. And our idea of beauty in this (almost) post-pandemic world has changed so much. We’re taking a healthier approach, with more emphasis on  what’s good for us, as opposed to what just makes us look good. A “less is more” philosophy, perhaps, this shift in our beauty doctrine gives our health and our aesthetic equal attention.
So, with this in mind, let’s chat a little bit about this month’s most important beauty tip - SUNSCREEN!


If there’s one thing we’re all pumped for it’s Summer. Outdoor gatherings, beach days and that warm, summer sun is just around the corner.
What should we do to prepare ourselves for the sunshine?


We can’t stress to you enough the importance of wearing a daily SPF on your face and any exposed skin. Again, it’s good for you AND good for your appearance. Regular daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by about 40%, and lower your melanoma risk by 50% ( Also, regular use of SPF keeps you from looking like a handbag. So there’s that...
What many people don’t know about sun protection is that SPF application shouldn’t stop at the hairline. Your scalp is your skin, too, and if exposed, it’ll burn. Work that sunscreen through your part and any bare, unprotected areas on your head. Even better, wear a hat!  Sun hats are great for protecting your skin and your hair’s health. UV rays can cause hair to become dry and brittle and fade your hair color simply from exposure. We also recommend a heat protection spray that coats the tresses, locking in moisture and saving your beautiful hue. See products below.
Next month we’ll talk about safeguarding your hair from pool and hard water, hand painted highlights and packing the perfect beach bag.
Recommended products are available for purchase at b.LUXE Hair + Makeup Studio, Medway
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G.M. Collin SPF 50 HIGH PROTECTION VEIL - 100% mineral filter SPF enriched with vitamin E, sesame, rapeseed, coconut & karanja oil. Protects against UVA-UVB rays & chemical filter intolerances. Leaves a lightweight, invisible veil that provides an ocean-friendly & reef-safe solution
Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.SHINE -  Add some serious shimmer & shine! Infused with vitamins C & E, baobab & bamboo extracts, SHIMMER.SHINE nourishes strands from scalp to tip, while light-reflective technology (the same  used in high-end skin care) bounce away the harmful rays of the sun.