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A Home Office Away from Home Small Businesses Find Room to Grow at the Offices at One Foxhill

Nov 27, 2020 09:51AM ● By Jane LeBak
In the rapidly-changing business landscape, working from home is much more common, but also more difficult. Many small businesses are poised to take their first step away from the desk wedged into the corner of the guest room, but where to start? Brian Connor has an all-tootypical story. “I’d been working from home since October, 2019. Then in March, my wife’s company went remote, plus I have two daughters in high school who all of a sudden were studying from home.” With a laugh he adds, “In one week, the kitchen table office for myself became a kitchen table office for four.” Aside from a kitchen table’s lack of privacy and the demands on home bandwidth, a growing business requires a professional setting. Small businesses deserve a dedicated space for meeting clients and for doing their best work. At the same time, a small business needs its space to be affordable, safe, and convenient. Enter the Offices at One Foxhill. “We’re your home office away from home,” says owner Michelle Keating. “Anyone who’s worked in a difficult environment knows how the right space enhances your productivity.” The Offices are clean, comfortable, and professional. Created with the growing business in mind, each suite comes outfitted with new, ergonomic furniture, a meeting table with guest chairs, and window views that stream with natural light. Every office has access to high-speed internet with firewalls, a conference room, and a designated kitchen area. “It’s a quiet, comfortable environment,” says Keating. “We don’t have hundreds of offices, so at Foxhill, there’s a sense of community.” Located on Route 1 in Walpole, only five minutes from Patriot Place, the Offices at Foxhill are convenient and easy to find, but set back far enough to ensure a peaceable atmosphere. The grounds are professionally landscaped, and the offices have on-site parking. The building is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Office suites range in size from 130 to 310 square feet, so your business can choose a space appropriate to your needs. Additionally, because the offices are coordinated to one another, a business that requires more than one office can maintain a unified feel. With leases as short as three months, businesses maintain flexibility and the ability to grow as their needs grow. “We want our clients–and our clients’ clients–to have a professional experience,” says Keating. “Startup companies and entrepreneurs really need their own private space. An entrepreneur shouldn’t be forced to entertain a potential client in her living room.” The Offices have Covid-19 protective measures in place, such as a temperature checkpoint on entering the suite and professional cleaning in the common areas. Keating says, “We want to give everyone the reassurance that anyone who walks in the door is safe.” The first step to your business’s new office space is a virtual tour on the website at https:// A video takes you through the spacious grounds, several individual offices, the conference room, and the kitchen. Next, you can click on the calendar to schedule an in-person visit to experience the Offices for yourself. After that, it’s just a matter of choosing your suite and picking up the keys. “We’ve made it as userfriendly as possible,” says Keating. “From the location to the parking to the cleaning to the security, we’ve always kept our eyes on the needs of a growing business. We want every client to know this is the best place to put down your professional roots.” Brian Connor was so pleased by his experience at The Offices that he even became the on-site property manager. “I’m thrilled to have an office here, and I expect to be with the Offices at Foxhill for quite a long time.” To take your business to the next level, visit and envision yourself in your new home office away from home.