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Editor's Corner

Having graduated a good number of athletes from last year’s program, King Philip High School Coach Joe O’Halloran knows this season’s team needs to bring their “A” game each and every match.
“We’ve graduated most of our team from last year and this year we’re going to be young and unskilled,” the Warrior Coach said. “We had a decent team last year, but this year is going to be a learning process with only one senior.”

Latest Articles

Proposed Wrentham Town Charter Vote to be conducted on November 4

On November 4, 2014, Massachusetts will conduct its General Election. Within that election, Wrentham will conduct a Special Election where voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot to adopt or reject a town charter for Wrentham.

Bringing a town charter to a ballot question for Wrentham has been more than a two year effort. In the spring of 2012 the Wrentham Board of Selectmen (BOS) formed a Town Government Study Committee (TGSC) and gave them the charge to “evaluate the effectiveness of the town’s organizational structure, management systems and processes”.

Excellence in Cataract Surgery: Know What You Should Expect

Cataract surgery is by far the most common surgery performed in the United States. With advanced technology and highly skilled surgeons, modern cataract surgery should be a rather quick, outpatient and minimal risk procedure. Your expectations should not only be to improve your vision, reduce glare at night, achieve brighter and more vivid colors and an overall improvement of your day to day activities, but you should also have an opportunity to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts and in many cases eliminate this need.

Norfolk Lions Sponsor 2nd Annual Youth Variety Show

 Do you have the music within you? Do you have movement? Want to let your comedic side out? Maybe you and a few friends get together on the weekends in your garage and have a jam session or maybe you put on a play in your living room? If so, you need to bring your talent to the stage! The Norfolk Lions are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual Young Performers Variety Show will be held on Sunday, November 9 at 6 p.m. at the King Philip Middle School in Norfolk. This show is open to performers ages 8 to 18, from Norfolk and surrounding towns.