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Editor's Corner

The organization known as 4-Paws Animal Shelter is looking for volunteers to help them meet their long and short term goals in the area.

Latest Articles

KP Field Hockey Returns to Tourney

Less than a year removed from a 3-12-3 season, the King Philip field hockey squad was looking to forget about that year and move onto this season. Under the guidance of head Coach Liz Hathaway, the Warriors were able to turn things around this fall and post a 9-7-2 regular season record, finishing third in the Kelley-Rex Division and fifth overall in the Hockomock League.

Excellence in Cataract Surgery: What you should expect in 2015

Cataract surgery is by far the most common surgery performed in the United States. With advanced technology and highly skilled surgeons, modern cataract surgery should be a rather quick outpatient and a minimal risk procedure. If you are considering cataract surgery, your expectations should not only be to improve your vision, reduce glare at night, see brighter and more vivid colors and improve your day to day activities, but you should also be given an opportunity to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts and in many cases eliminate this need.

Coyote Sightings Cause Concern

In November, some Norfolk residents were notified that Animal Control had received numerous phone calls regarding coyotes in the southwest area of town, including a large animal with an injured paw.
Recent coyote attacks on several dogs in Franklin already had Norfolk dog owners on edge. One of the dogs, attacked near the Norfolk line, died. According to Norfolk’s Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen, the owner had let the animal out into the back yard and “it was over in a second.”
Officer Cohen, who is the